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The Royal Beach Seminyak

Namaya Spa

An idyllic spa presenting a diversity of Indonesian therapies for your ultimate pleasure and indulgence. Offering a wealth of experience and rustic ambiance from Indonesia’s ethnic traditional.

Namaya Spa Special Treatments:

Balinese Healing – 1,5 hours
An authentic massage style, using Balinese technique and the exotic traditional oils to ease tension and muscle relief then followed with traditional body scrub ‘boreh’.

Namaya Detox Rituals – 1,5 hours
The ultimate detoxify and purifier treatment selection of Namaya with body massage and exfoliating scrub.

Balinese Herbal Compress
Inspired by ancient healing therapy from Thailand, starts with oil-less body massage then followed by a warm herbal compress containing tamarind, ginger, cinnamon and clove to balance the body, relieving stress, boosting energy and improving blood circulation.

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